The Orange County Bankruptcy Forum honors Lei Lei Wang Ekvall with its 2015 Hon. Peter M. Elliott Award

On December 1, 2015, the Orange County Bankruptcy Forum honored Lei Lei Wang Ekvall with its prestigious 2015 Hon. Peter M. Elliott Award.  The award is given annually to a legal professional who demonstrates substantial knowledge of bankruptcy law, serves as a mentor or educator within the community, possesses the highest level of honesty, and works to enhance and improve access to justice.

Evan D. Smiley and Autumn D. Spaeth led efforts to defeat Stillwater’s $50 million suit in bankruptcy court (Law360, New York, June 23, 2015)

Evan D. Smiley and Autumn D. Spaeth, partners of Smiley Wang-Ekvall, led the charge for twenty-seven defendants in seeking the dismissal of more than $50 million in claims asserted by the estate representative for Stillwater Asset Backed Offshore Fund Ltd. and other related funds.  At the hearing on the motion to dismiss Stillwater’s complaint filed by Smiley and Spaeth, the Bankruptcy Court expressed a number of concerns with Stillwater’s claims and required additional briefing from Stillwater and other parties.